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Plateau ADP Saga: Pastor Margaret Inusa and Gen Jon Temlong(RTD)

Action Democratic Party (ADP) is the third force in plateau state courtesy of the efforts of Pastor (Mrs) Magaret Inusa who has grown in tremendous popularity in the state, but, as one begins to look inside the party structure you could see that it is loosing its footing mainly due to the manner the party substituted its Governorship candidate in the person of Pastor Margaret Inusa with Gen. Jon Temlong.

This journey began with the suspension and later the sacking of the former Chairman, Mr Nayak which has now morphed into a platform of rewarding hardwork with betrayal.

It was rumoured, that the Gubernatorial ticket was sold by the former to the later for an undisclosed amount but further findings revealed that nothing of such was the case. She was forcefully pushed out by the party leadership on the grounds of being a woman and came from a minority tribe.

The process of substitution of the former Gubernatorial Flag Bearer, Pastor Margaret Inusa with Gen. Jon Temlong which was orchestrated by the party officials and influenced by religious leaders, has been a great mistake for the party which has grown as the alternative to be the unstable. This has also made the party loose face with quite a number of the populace which are looking forward to a new phase in the political map.

An inside source revealed that the party is in complete disarray due to bad leadership and other factors within the party structure that was created mainly by the vacuum in leadership left by Pastor Margaret . An insider source recently revealed that the current party structure which was built from pennies and scraps of well meaning citizens has evolved into a den of self centred and bellied conspirators.

Our source went on to explain that, the succession of leadership had moved from bad to worse as the party growth is been impeded by a number of factors. The calibre of leadership which drives the vision has slowed the growth of the party even in the Local Government Areas as well as internal cohesion of party executive council and its structures mainly due to the fact that Pastor Margaret is no longer an active participant in the affairs of the ADP.

The loyalty and party influence commanded by Pastor Margaret is unrivalled as she is a mentor to a lot of young people on the political landscape and her active participation in the ADP was abruptly shortened due to the ineffectiveness of the preformed party leadership who wanted to use her popularity for cheap publicity.

Pastor Margaret who has garnered quite an unusual support and acceptance among the grass-root populace which are numbered in the thousands and her not being in the leadership rein has created instability in the ADP which is already showing the signs of being senile in just a year of being on the state. She has contributed in varying capacities towards the establishment and growth of the party and therefore seen as an aggregator for the transformation movement.

Our source further explained that she was invited to be the party chairman of the ADP as a form of compensation or intervention to gain ground against the fierce competition and create a form of repatriation which will boost the party leadership.

Over the time of her absence due to obvious reasons, it is rumoured that she is currently approached by the giants APC and PDP and other upcoming political parties respectively. Knowing she is affluent among the women and young target groups as well as the Pentecostal Church, she is considered the game changer in the upcoming elections.

Another source, from the ADP explained recently that the party under the current leadership has requested that the aspirants contribute for the flag-off of the new gubernatorial candidate which unheard of and reflects again on the calibre of leadership and structure. We are bound to wonder what kind of government we would have, when it is already looking like the party is looking for external funding to grow. The candidates aspiring for varying position have also indicated a unified support and endorsement of whoever the choiced candidate of Pastor Margaret Inusa.

It is only a couple of days to the 2019 general election and there are several questions that needs to be answered, What the future of the ADP is on the Plateau, and where is Pastor Margaret Inusa heading for? All effort to reach Gen. Jon Temlong, Pastor Margret Inusa for comments have proven abortive by our sources.

By Abraham Johnson

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