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#PlateauDecides2019: See Final Results as INEC Declares Plateau Elections Inconclusive

The governorship elections in Plateau state has been declared inconclusive by the returning officer for the state, Prof Richard Kimber, the returning officer stated at the INEC headquarters in Jos, early hours of Monday.


 *JOS EAST*     ADP=39, APC=18,602, PDP=7, 994 ANN=39

 *KANKE*         ADP=313, APC-23.360, PDP=22,831, ANN=23, SDP=23

 *LANGTANG NORTH*   ADP=286, APC=18,979, PDP=40, 519, ANN=21, SDP=104

 *B/LADI*           ADP=57, APC=17,039, PDP=44, 233, ANN=77, SDP=19
One polling unit cancelled in B/Ladi

 *BOKKOS*        ADP=164, APC=26,219, PDP=25,363
5 Polling Units canceled in Bokkos LGA

 *BASSA* ADP=34, APC=29, 401, PDP=32,825 ADC=34

*MIKANG* ADC=24, ADP=22, APC=15,150, PDP= 11,703

KANAM LGA  APC - 54,394   PDP - 21,956

Langtan South LGA APC - 13,495    PDP - 17,644

Pankshin LG    APC - 35,769   PDP - 24,788

JOS SOUTH LGA    APC - 33,075    PDP -  91,846

JOS NORTH LGA    APC - 108,887  PDP -  67,113

MANGU LGA  APC - 44,964   PDP - 40,035

SHENDAM LGA   APC - 61, 647   PDP - 17,035

QUAN PAAN LGA   APC - 31,962  PDP - 20,939

RYOM LGA   APC - 12,720   PDP - 24,017

WASE LGA   APC - 37,593  PDP - 27,485

The results was declared inconclusive due the number of cancelled votes, the returning officer further revealed that the vote are higher than the total difference between the two contending candidates of PDP and APC.
The retuning officer had announced that APC had scored 583, 255 votes, while PDP got 538, 326 votes; The margin between the two parties was 44, 929 while the cancelled votes were 49, 377 votes.
As a result, a supplementary elections would be held within 21 days in nine local government areas of Plateau state in accordance with electoral laws.

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