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Samsung Officially Postpones The Launch Of The Galaxy Fold Globally

There was a report earlier about Samsung postponing the Galaxy fold launch event in Asia and now the company has just officially announced that the Galaxy fold launch has been put on hold globally and the new date will be communicated later on.

The reason for the change of date is not far fetched as there have been multiple cases of the review units given to influencers developing screen issues within 48 hours of use. The screen issue was mostly due to users inadvertently removing the protective film on the display, which they thought was just a disposable screen protector similar to the ones pre-installed on many smartphones nowadays.

Samsung initially release a statement last week acknowledging the problem and also promising to investigate and fix it before the April 26 launch date, but it seems the problem is way more critical than they initially thought as Samsung has now been forced to delay the launch event.

There is no new date yet for the Galaxy fold launch but it's expected to be within a month's time. Huawei is also expected to launch its own foldable smartphone the "Mate X" by June of this year but there have been a couple of conflicting reports that the launch might be pushed back to September. Huawei has however dismissed this rumour.

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