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Plateau PDP Crisis: Sango is taking over office on Friday, says group

A group known as PDP concerned group has given the Chris Hassan led EXCO of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Plateau State up to Thursday, 16th May, 2019 to vacate the secretariat for Hon. D. T. Sango who it claimed remains the authentic chairman of the party.
Dakas N Dakas leader of PDP Concerned group speaking to journalists on Tuesday
The state executive committee of the PDP in Plateau few weeks ago suspended Sango as chairman of the party on allegation of misappropriation of funds. However, the group led by one, Dakas Nathaniel Dakas during a protest in Jos on Tuesday stated that the state executive committee lacks the power to suspend Sango because being the state chairman, he is also a member of the National Working Committee of the PDP.
According to Dakas, “We call you to help us take the message to the world and give a warning to some people who illegally occupied the PDP Office, some who are Exco of the PDP. The group is being led by one Chris Hassan who claimed to have suspended the authentic chairman Hon. D.T. Sango on allegation of mismanagement of funds.
Mike Nyako
The National Secretariat of the party has sent a delegation who came here and told them to maintain the status quo pending the determination of a committee already set up to look into the allegations leveled against D.T. Sango, but these people don’t seem to understand and they don’t want to obey the National Secretariat and so, they have continued to illegally occupying the State Secretariat. Even our governorship candidate, distinguished Senator J.T. Useni has also cautioned them not to take the law into their hands and heed to the instruction from the National Secretariat but they have refused.
“So we are telling them now that we are escorting Hon. D.T. Sango to his office on Friday. He has been away on official visit to Abuja. So we are saying that whoever that is illegally occupying our Secretariat should vacate before then”
Chollom Haruna
The protesters were seen carrying placards with inscriptions “Baba Sango is still our authentic chairman”; “we advise them to vacate the PDP secretariat on or before Friday”; “If Sango must go, all other EXCO members must go too” among others.
Responding to the question as whether their action would not be misinterpreted by the society to mean that they are supporting corruption since it’s the allegation being leveled against Sango, Dakas said that they were not supporting corruption but due process. “We are not supporting corruption. What we are saying is that due process should be followed. Two wrongs do not make a right, therefore, whoever that is aggrieved should follow due process to express their grievances, but when you decide to violate the constitution, we will never support that attitude”. 
On whether their intention to forcefully takeover the party secretariat on Friday also not amount to violation of due process, the group leader said no, adding that they were law abiding citizens and party loyalists. “We are only complying with the instructions from the National Secretariat of our party that we should revert to status quo and that the petition which they wrote is being looked into because, you can’t be a complainant and a judge at the same time. Sango, by virtue of his position is a member of the National Working Committee so, the state secretariat doesn’t have the power to suspend him”, he said.
 members of the PDP Concerned group protesting on Tuesday 
On why the issue cannot be resolved through administrative channels, by way of communication asking the current EXCO to vacate office, Dakas said they have already been communicated but they have refused to abide by directives from the National Secretariat. “They have already been communicated but they don’t want to obey that is why we intent to come on Friday in line with directive given from the National Secretariat.
Protesters on Tuesday
Also speaking to newsmen, other members of the group, Chollom Haruna and Mike Nyako, all said that D. T. Sango remained the authentic PDP chairman in Plateau State and called on those who are parading themselves as EXCO of the party to desist from doing so.

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