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Dr. (Mrs.) Mary Ocheenia Anyebe - Personality profile of a senior lecturer, University of Jos


Dr. (Mrs.) Mary Ocheenia Anyebe (born 22nd June, 1964, Orokam, Benue State)

is from Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State Nigeria. A senior lecturer with the Department of Arts Education, University of Jos, Nigeria.

She is happily married to Pastor J.O Anyebe and they are blessed with God fearing professional children, a grandmother from her lovely and only daughter, who is inter tribally happily married. A PhD holder in English Education from the same University of Jos.

Her hobbies are counseling listening to Christian music and dancing. What turns her on is faithfulness, honesty and hospitality. What turns me off is insincerity and wickedness.

She started her teaching career in 1987 as a C.R.S Teacher, Command Day Secondary School, Jos. In 2007 she became an assistant Lecturer, Department of Arts and Social Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of Jos, Nieria.    

She has held several academic/administrative responsibilities such as:

            Departmental Project Co-Ordinator                                                 2010 – date

            Level Co-Ordinator 100 and 400 Levels, for English Education       2010

            Level Co-Ordinator 200 and 300 Levels for English Education        2011 – date

            B.A. (Ed.) Part-Time (English Education) Subject Co-Ordinator        2008 – date

            Level Co-ordinator 300 Level for English Education                             2017–June 2018

            Departmental Examination Officer                                                   2017 - date

            Member, Faculty Examination Scrutiny Committee                               2017 - date   She is a member of:

           Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)

            Nigerian Society of Education Psychologists (NISEP)

            Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN)

            Primary and Tertiary Teachers’ Education Association of Nigeria (PATTEAN)


Dr. (Mrs.) Mary Ocheenia Anyebe is a project/thesis supervisor and has been involved in a lot of research work, publications, has a attended over twenty conference and has also written several books and articles which includes

     Anyebe, M.O. (2008). Importance of extensive reading to the retirees and the aged in Nigeria. Jos Journal of Education, 1(1), 237 – 244.

Anyebe, M.O. (2009). Examination malpractice in schools in Nigeria: Who is to       be blamed and the way out. A Journal of the Department of Arts and Social Science Education, University of Jos, Jos, 4(1), 19 – 26

        Anyebe, M.O. (2010). Entrepreneurship education, teacher preparation and second language skills acquisition for national development. International Journal of Educational Studies, 1(2), 76-84.

              Terver U. & Anyebe, M.O. (2011). An error analysis of lecturers’ conference paper: Implication for literacy and language development. Reading Association of Nigeria, 13(1), 220-230.

             Anyebe, M.O. (2012). The role of supervision in the delivery of   qualitative     education in Nigeria. Journal of Childhood and Primary Education, 9(1), 60-68.

            Ozoji, B. E., Mmegwa, P. U., Anyebe, M. O., & Oriade, L. T. (2013).          Promoting gender equity, scientific literacy and peace among Nigerian secondary school students through gender mainstreaming strategies. Nigerian Journal of Teacher Education and Teaching, 11 (1).

             Anyebe, M. O. & Eze, A. (2017).  Critical thinking and creativity and its  implication for the teaching of poetry.  Journal of Social Educators 16(7).  81 – 95.

            Anyebe, M. O. (2017) Effective approaches to the teaching of learning to read and reading to learn: Nigeria context.  KIU Journal of Humanities. (213 – 220). Kampala International University. 

Anyebe, M. O. & Akubo, E. A. (2017).  Effect of process approach on idea generation and sentence construction among secondary school students in Plateau State, Nigeria.  African Journal of Educational Assessors 5(1) 40 – 48.


            Chapters in books

            Anyebe, M.O. (2011). Education: A tool for value promotion in Nigeria. In K.O.A. Noah, M.N. Sule, J.O. Balogun (Eds) Book of Readings in Sociology of Education (pp 56-64), A Publication of the Association of Sociologists of Education of Nigeria (ASEN).

Dr. (Mrs.) Mary Ocheenia Anyebe is also a project/theses supervisor with the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

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