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Plateau Son Canvas Support For Dantala and Group Troupe (READ)


What has God not done for us? (Kindly read before you listen and watch)

I have taken time out to shine the light on one of the greatest assets ever donated to us as a people in a great need for superhuman interventions. The Gospel, the truth, the message, the raw talent, the art, the culture, the spirit and above all, the gift.

The greatest undoing a people can do is to seek validation from outside themselves rather than looking inwards. Our culture combines our heritage and our dream. Our history moulds our aspirations and our collective goal should be to lift each other up in our times of need.

I shine the light today on DANTALA AND GROUP! A very humble and passionate team that has defied all laws of gravity to pull down a team’s talent. A mere mortal who has a golden desire to lift all forms of hopelessness out of the dungeon of daily challenges. DANTALA started off as an artist with many talents. A flutist, a drummer, a pianist, the man who boasts of an ability to operate over 20 musical instruments. A dancer, a singer, a priest, a missionary, a messenger!

Dantala Jatu Dewan Started music professionally in the year 1976. 10 years later, I was born. He remained steadfast. Come rain, come sunshine, he and his team practice weekly with the slimmest resources and the lowest form of support. I am 33 years old today. I turned so only last week on the 21st of September. I am been through the highs and lows and I have conquered and defeated a lot of challenges life has presented. Yet I make bold to say I stand tall. For DANTALA and his group, my age is only a period for which they have evolved musically and the sad reality is that they are still struggling to make their sound and voices heard. My heart bleeds. To be on a mission for 43years? God! This is true passion!

His total number of band members including dancers amounts to 35 individuals. All of them have families, friends, neighbors, associates and fans. They work daily to make ends meet and have turned their backs against the evil of crime and criminality bedeviling our nation. They live humbly and responsibly. They pray to God all the time and they preach his gospel through music. These folks must feed their families, educate their kids and cater for their health. Yet, what do they make financially?

This is a call to conscience, Nigeria. This is a call to conscience, Plateau State.

DANTALA and Group are recipients of both national and international awards with a peculiar sound coined as the “Deng-Deng” rendition that resonates the soul of African music. I grew up listening to what my parents loved and Dantala’s music made a huge impact. He has not stopped and he has never been tired. His passion is not rewarded enough. His goal is not met as yet. His mission is hampered by severe challenges and his faith has been unwavering.

Plateau State has recorded series of concerts, shows, carnivals and a host of other festivals of arts and culture. Yet we bring other artistes from elsewhere to be paid huge amounts while we allow our visionary and God-sent prophet to wallow in the wilderness of the lowest patronage. We don’t listen so we don’t know! God said “My people perish for the lack of knowledge” and the Law says “Ignorance of knowledge (of the Law) is not an excuse”. How can a Plateau State Carnival hold where we invite secular artistes who will be flown into the state with all expenses covered including feeding, accommodation, entertainment and all logistics for their crews to be paid in millions of Naira while a true genius like DANTALA and his group are paid from what I heard, a token of N150,000 ( One Hundred and Fifty thousand Naira, only). A group of 35 members with families and responsibilities. I think there is no better definition of demoralization! Please let’s do more! Let’s take DANTALA and group to their “NEXT LEVEL”

Today I stand tall to appeal to our collective conscience on the Plateau to kindly listen to what DANTALA and Group have tried to say for 33 years! Not 3 or 10 years but 33years! The Lord himself carried out his entire mission on earth within 33 years and his gospel is alive for over 2000 years later.

Let us support this kindhearted, talented, visionary, passionate and “GOLDEN VOICES AND SOUND OF AFRICA” here on the Plateau. His sound should resonate from home and his music should be felt on the world stage. We all know how the Jarawa dance group from the Plateau caught and seized the attention of the world when they were made to perform in London decades ago. We all know how Angelique Kidjo broke all glass ceilings to achieve a Grammy Award with her original sound. We all know about the Black Mambazo and Lady bird of South Africa. We know about the Congolese sound and a host of other eastern, western and Southern African sounds with the way they have chosen to introduce themselves without needing to the temptation of making money first.

DANTALA and group have been resolute and they have refused to let their spirits die.

Please let us come together and uplift one of the greatest sounds to ever touch the surface of the earth.

Born in Gungji, Kanke LGA of Plateau State, DANTALA is Ngas and he has done well to imbibe his native music and sound into a message and gospel for all to listen and comprehend.

He is presently a Director in the Plateau State Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality.

Let us not fail this mission! Show your support and when they fails at this time, we all fail. This is for all of us.

Truly yours,

Arc Fentah Bankat

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