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Nigerian gas users risk bomb-like explosions, Consumer Protection Education

With the rate we are witnessing/experiencing or having gas explosion and burns now.
Let me drop this as a CAUTION.

Please note that:-
1. Camp gas is not for home cooking. Do not use it for cooking indoor. As the name implies they are used in open and well ventilated area.

2. Cylinder has expiring days of 15 years. Check your cylinder and add 15years to Date.

3. Do not shake to determine level but apply water on the cylinder body it will show you gas level.

4. Cylinder should be stored outside not inside. Even if you are living in a high raiser!

5. Have double control for your cylinder. They are safety checks.

6. Do not put on the gas before striking a match.

7. Do not switch on the kitchen light first thing on entrance.  First throw open your windows  and then Smell for gas leakage before flipping the switch.

8. No use of phones in the kitchen

9. When in doubt of leakage, place soap bubbles along the pipes it will indicate the presence or absence of leakage.

10. For those with dual functions. Do not use electricity and gas at the same time.

On transportation, cylinders should be packed horizontally in a tight position to avoid rolling or movement due to bad roads. It can explode!

Be SAFETY conscious!!!

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