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Embrace Plateau With Dantala - An Opportunity To Let Our Art And Music Speak To The World

Here we are at the crossroads as a people. We are at a threshold of sober reflections. We are experiencing a time in history when our voices must be heard on a global stage.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to “EMBRACE PLATEAU”.

DANTALA and Group have once again, chosen such a period of deep pains on the Plateau to provide an atmosphere of love, peace and tolerance. They have chosen the arts, music and culture to provide mental refreshment to the peaks and valleys of the State. A time to cry to God who listens and washes away the blood and pain.

It is with a deep sense of responsibility that I have come to usher us into a moment of greatness as the group intends to unveil the “NDENGDENG SOUND” as a genre of music. A sound that will awaken the true spirit of the land with prayers to God for his grace to be summoned on us.

•The caption is “EMBRACE PLATEAU”
•The theme is “ The rebirth of sounds and legend (NDENGDENG Music unveiling).

I totally support this course!

Come and witness the rich heritage, music, art, culture and the one BIG Spirit of the Plateau over Native cuisines and wonderful refreshment!


Arc. Fentah  Bankat

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