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COVID-19 Is a Gift To Africa, An Intrinsic Message - Victor Dickson

Right from the outbreak of the pandemic and until now a lot has happened and many more will. Despite the tonality and the scope of these events, engagement levels will surely be different based on knowledge and knowing. A lot of persons will merely react but few will respond.

I often view death as a message as well as a messenger. To this extent, I have also observed that we often become too engrossed with grieving that we focus more on death “the messenger” than death “the message”. My focus in context is “death the message”. A situation where you learn and unlearn in-grief, and after grief.
Despite the many challenges thrown up by the pandemic. I see that COVID-19 is more of a revelation with a clear message for Africa and Africans.
1. That closure of borders and travel restriction is proof that we can survive from within and still be global even though we have been taught otherwise.
2. That without a synthetic and borrowed solutions, we can solve our problems organically with our people, our materials and on our terms. A case in point is the locally made ventilators, hand sanitizers, Madagascar in the news, face mask, and other COVID-19 inspired innovations. These may be little in-depth compared to innovations from other climes. My emphasis is on the notion and responsibility involved. This is why I see great even in the small.
3. That we can actually begin to look at self-sustenance beyond policy and programs in Agriculture and Health.
4. That we can really learn the capacity to say NO! to Trojan gifts weather for tangible or perceived value.
5. That we can unlearn, learn, and relearn with a sense of responsibility and own the process, both the failures and the victories.
6. That we can tame harmful religiosity, ethnicity, and prejudice as well as tame irresponsibility for the sake of progress and development. If we can do it for fear of death, we can do them for progress and development.
7. That when push gets to shove the only home available will be Africa. Our continent, therefore, is a garden that must be tended.
This COVID-19 message is not utopia but a kind of Déjà vu for those whose imagination has been there, a reminder, awakening, and a call to action.
Please note that this message was not approved by IMF as an Economic Intervention Programme (EIP), nor my W.H.O as a Global Health Strategy or even by Harvard as a fortune 500 Business Intelligence Model (BIM).
This is a simple intrinsic message for intrinsic value to people who need an intrinsic Paradigm.


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