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Music: Mr Brains "KAUNA" Dropping Soon by BMIentertainment

Mr.Brains is at it again with another hit classical call KAUNA

KAUNA in hausa means LOVE in English..

KAUNA is an extremely extraordinary song, a song of solace, a song that assures us of the love of God, a song that is fitted for such a time we are in..

A you tired of the times, do you feel like giving up, is your walls falling apart, have you ran out of solutions, do you think of ending it all in a split of seconds,  are you going nuts, are you loosing it all? Then beloved listen to this prolific, amazing, spirit lifting, mind minding song of Hope and confidence called KAUNA.

KAUNA is set to drop mid May, 2020. The song is to be premiered out of Mr. Brains forth coming EP.

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